The Charles Massingham Group of Companies (CMC) believe that, universally, the route to sustained corporate profitability is through the development of managers who are educated and trained professionally and who have a supportive customer centred organization within which to work. At CMC, we meet these market needs through the provision of efficient, time effective :
  • UK educational award courses leading to professional management and marketing Diploma qualifications and distance learning European MBA Degrees awarded by recognised fully-accredited professional bodies and Universities.

  • Specialist professional training programmes and seminars conducted as open public courses or 'in-house' for individual client companies.

  • Problem-solving consultancy customised to client & companies needs

Throughout our collective years of experience, internationally, our staff continually strive to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction ; it is through the consistent delivery of excellence and innovation that our organizational development for many years have been assured. Our commitment to management and marketing education training and development through our staff, associates and partners will continue to :

  • Stimulate career development and build professional confidence among individuals

  • Make management know-how easier to apply in practice

  • Impart insights derived from practical experience

  • Deliver corporate pay-off for employers

  • Deliver an awakening in companies in search of a marketing approach to business

  • Maintain support to professional bodies

  • Further the growth of the marketing profession internationally

  • Make meaningful contributions to the literature

"CMC is committed to establishing high standards of performance throughout the countries we serve"

CMC, working with prestigious awarding bodies, will be acknowledged as a high quality leader in international markets for delivering strategic marketing and management programmes which enable our valued customers to achieve an international passport for personal and career development.

CMC, as a corporate provider of specialist management education, training and consultancy will remain valued and relevant to all individual customers, corporate clients and strategic alliance partners through the delivery of responsive professional management development services. Achievement of the CMC international mission requires sustained commitment to:

  • Innovation and leadership in the design of strategic management tools to achieve progressive customer orientation in organizations.

  • Remaining relevant, professional and practical in all aspects of assigned work for organizations and their employees.

  • Dedication to guide and assist individuals to attain professional development and academic achievement through educational awards.

  • Publishing to provide insight and knowledge for readers of strategic marketing, internationally.

  • Being an alert, team-based, responsive achievement-oriented organization culture to meet and serve changing customer needs.