CMC - An International Associate Partner

CMC is proud of this alliance with one of the most famous and prestigious education institutions in the world. The Cambridge Management Awards are internationally relevant qualifications of high quality and integrity, delivered reliably by CMC, then assessed at Cambridge. This gives our customers confidence in their choice of studies by also knowing that these leading edge 1st class qualifications, can become an international passport for personal and career advancements.

CMC is privileged to be working together with Cambridge, a world-leader in education and thereby seek to enable our course members to achieve an unrivalled competence edge in the executive market place.

Programme Description

This award is for upper middle and senior management who are able to demonstrate exposure to a wide range of business disciplines and who are capable of planning at strategic level and also to guide teams and individuals to achieve organisational goals. The Executive Diploma award is designed to test the ability of course members to plan strategically and also to implement the knowledge acquired over a range of business discipline thereby re-framing their mindsets for strategic management.

Who is the Programme for ?

This Higher Professional Award is for Upper Middle and Senior Management who are able to demonstrate a wide range of business disciplines, capable of planning at a strategic level and of directing teams and individuals to achieve organisational goals.

Entry Criteria

  1. Completion of the Executive Certificate in Management stage or similar qualification

  2. Or a relevant Degree from a recognised University

  3. Or an equivalent professional qualification

Consideration will be given to candidates with other qualifications and relevant substantial working experience. Age and managerial experience will be a key consideration in granting entry to the Executive Diploma programme.
All candidates will be assessed by the Programme Director to attest and to confirm their application for registration.

Programme Duration

This programme is designed to be completed within 1 year period (52 weeks).


  • Strategic Management

  • Strategic Marketing

  • Human Resource Management

  • Organisational Behaviour & Change Management

  • Information Systems Management

  • Financial Management

  • Integrative Case Study

Overview of the Modules

Strategic Management
Strategy is at the heart of the middle and senior management direction and decision making and this module features strategy, strategic options, criteria for evaluation of strategic options supplemented by techniques for Gap Analysis, feasibility risk and cost benefit analysis as well as considering the resource implications to connect the business with internal and external environment. The module also features strategy implementation.

Strategic Marketing
This module examines the process of Strategic Marketing orientation in organisations and features the models used in the Strategic Marketing process. Emphasis is given to strategic marketing planning and the conversion of business mission into actionable areas for market penetration, market development, product development and diversification. These strategies are then considered for implementation through integrated marketing mix comprising internal, interactive and external marketing which is planned within the resource, time, competitive market environment for the delivery of profit contribution to master account of the business organisation.

Human Resource Management
The module examines the strategic contribution of Human Resource Management to employing organisation and considers the selection, recruitment and training needs within the constraints of prevailing legislative frameworks. The course gives attention to policies and for induction programmes for new staff and follow well-established convention for Human Resource Management.

Organizational Behaviour and Change Management
Module features the dynamics of organisational behaviour and development giving particular attention to how business culture can be understood and how the values of organisation can be determined and inculcated throughout the layers of employing organisations. Attention is given to cultural differences and cultural diversities and how these impact upon attitude and behaviour. Attention is also given to considering risks to culture and value system in organisation resulting from the factors which conditioned organisational behaviour. This sets the scene for the greatest challenge facing business and to understand how organisation alone through creating effective strategies for change.

Information Systems Management
As economies and companies move towards a knowledge-based environment, there is design and utilisation become of paramount importance. This module evaluates the need for information in performance appraisal and for organisational learning. Attention is given to types of data that this play in monitoring business performance through improved management decision making processes. The management of information is featured as well as the implementation of MIS system in organisations and the module is summarised through a specification of an IS design for a specified business operation considering both hard and software requirements.

Financial Management
The essence of this module is to provide financial appreciation and understanding of final accounts so that the financial health of an organisation can be better understood. The financial planning processes and management accounting processes are highlighted as a basis for understanding the financial control and monitoring of business performance against forecasts and budgets. Attention is given to an understanding of fundamentals of costing and its importance and limitation in the determination of costing and profit forecasting. The module concludes in financial appraisal methods of financial decision making on new project capital investments.

Integrative Case Study
The Integrative Case Study is designed as a core module which is intended to integrate all core modules into one final piece of assessed work which is the most substantial on the programme. It is a strategic management case study which require the student to complete a comprehensive written analysis across the function of business. The Case Study is only completed once all subject modules have been covered and all assessed work finalized. The analysis will take the form of a formal report requiring applications of knowledge, skills and understanding of managerial concepts, ideas and frameworks for thinking.